Our home, the Earth, offers several different natural resources that can be used that are clean and energy efficient at the same time. Throughout the ages, we have gone through many different ways in order to use the natural resources of the Earth. As you browse through our pages you will not only learn about the various natural resources but their history as well, including ways we can still use today, but in a much cleaner and environmentally friendly way.

You will learn about wood which is the world’s greatest natural resource, hydroelectricity, a natural resource, coal (the natural resource that powered the Industrial Revolution), petroleum (the natural resource that changed the world, the ocean’s waves (a natural resource for energy, solar power, the natural resource of geothermal energy and Wind (a clean natural resource).

There will always be a need for natural resources, but we must learn how to conserve these natural resources as well for generations to come. The Earth only has so many natural resources and some are cleaner and more energy efficient than others, so we need to work harder to save our planet and our natural resources or we may find that some of the resources such as wood will disappear if we do not replant all the trees we use. Many states now have regulations on the wood industry and other industries to work to preserve our Earth and our resources for our children and grandchildren, as well as all the many generations to come.