Wood: History’s Greatest Natural Resource

Wood History's Greatest Natural ResourceFrom the dawn of mankind on this planet, wood became a vital renewable natural resource that would help mankind survive through the millennia. The use of wood as fuel for fire was the first life-saving exploitation of this resource and this was only the beginning. It did not take long for humans to realize that wood was the perfect material to use for a multitude of purposes, not the least of which was the construction of their dwellings and tool making.

Wood provided the fire for heat and cooking food, it provided shelter against the elements and the ability to survive freezing temperatures. It was most certainly a key element in mankind’s successful evolution.

Throughout history, wood has been used as the construction material that introduced new inventions and technologies. The wheel, carts and wagons, boats, ships, bridges, fortifications, houses and buildings, windmills and paddle wheels were all possible because of wood. The products and purposes for which wood has been used are far too numerous to mention them all. As the first energy source used by man, wood remains just as important today as a renewable natural resource. Fortunately, we have now learned to manage our consumption of trees and forests allowing adequate time for them to grow and recover.

Wood products such as paper are also recyclable and this helps slow down the rate of cutting down our forests that take years to recover. Today, wood continues to be the primary source for construction materials in home building around the world and, in many home fireplaces and energy efficient wood burning stoves are still the primary source for heat. Unlike petroleum and coal that will someday be completely depleted, wood from our forests will continue to supply us with one of the greatest natural resources of all time.